Venice scenes

20021                 image

Rio Santa Maria Formosa.                  A jaunt to Torcello is always amusing

20022                 image

Canal near Rialto.                                 Ah, fog!

20023                 image

Gondolas on Grand Canal.                 A bit more fog.

20024                  image

Gondoliers and Rialto.                         The paint pigment shop.

20025                               image

Flooded shopping street.                     Evening on the Riva.

20026                   image

Floodwaters approach Molo.              On the “lunchtime seat”.


Riva degli Schiavoni from Campanile San Giorgio Maggiore

20027                    image

Flooding in Piazzetta.                             From one San Giorgio to another.

20028                    image

Passerelle in Piazza.                               Peggy’s.

20029                    image

Guidecca, Dogana, and Canalazzo from Campanile

200210                    image

Two available gondolas.                         Pizza in the Piazetta?

200211                     image

Cruise ship approaches San Marco.            The new bridge.

200219                     image

Dusk in November.                                 Ezra was here.

200213                    image

Gondola from Ponte Rialto.                  Hello George!

200214                     image

Me in gumboots.                                       Not such a show-off in winter.

200215                    image

Rialto.                                                        Watery light.

200216                     image

Rialto from vaporetto.                             The grass.

200217                     image

Towards Ca’Rezzonico.                           Doors are a big thing.

trag                                    image

Me in a tragetto.                                        One just can’t help being cool.

Vaporetto in spring                     image

(it’s better in spring).                              By the water, use colour!

200218                     image

For Donna Leon fans …                          Frog-boy has gone from the Dogana

the (old) Questura.                                    ( thank goodness).

Image296                               image

The Salute from near Harry’s Bar.         Ah, the light.

IMG_0003                   image

Limoncello on the balcony.                  Degrees of veracity.

IMG_0002                    image

My left foot.                                              Deliveries

P1020034                                image

I must get some tiles laid.                     Dawn at Fondamenta Osmarin

image                               image

Guarding the Arsenale.                         North to the cemetry

image                   image

The Barbarigos certainly                       Only 3 hours to Rome

made a splash.


Does my nose look big in this hat?



Climb that famous staircase!


And the bell tower at Torcello


And relax at home with “I misterie di Brokenwood”

and a wee G&T.

A webcam and another

Today’s weather in Venice.

The Qondon: my Venice cocktail.

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